When colour helps to investigate the soul.This is what happens in the art of Ellen Pieck, a refined Dutch artist whose research starts from decoration, but is not limited to pretty lines and shades alone.
For this painter who, praised by critics and public alike, has held exhibitions all over the world, the abstraction of signs and colours helps investigating the drives and the states of the subconscious that can be reached neither by reason nor through figurative art.

Escape, Reminiscence, En-Vie: the hermetic yet very effective titles of her works themselves
symbolize conditions or moments of existence, which she represents with elegant chromatic matches outlining winding or geometric emotional maps.
Flowers and other forms take shape in this fresco, feeding - depending on the concept being expressed - on different colours: the result is a painting journey heading for emotional lands, without ever renouncing the pleasantness and beauty of the image.

Fascination, it is well-known, is a means of seduction: and this is what these pictures do to those who observe them - they seduce them. The aesthetic pleasure of these pictures is an expression of grace and harmony even when they intend to disturb, hurt or create ambiguity, as in the case of Mirror, where two similar paintings stand by each other almost in a symmetric way, though hosting different colours and strokes : this artist takes us through fascinating chromatic and material labyrinths, indicating to us how the human condition still needs to be entirely explored and discovered.

author: Michela Turra